Dr. Bar Dental Clinic

Our clinic is located in a very accessible and convenient location at the center of Givataim, a short distance from Tel Aviv center, or Ramat Gan center.
The clinic owned by Dr. Yuval Bar and Dr. Marta Bar, D.M.D licensed since 1996, focuses on high quality skilled treatments, which will serve you for many years.
A wide range of dental treatments are being performed in our clinic, oral surgery and implantology procedures, periodontal treatments, esthetic dentistry and root canals.
One can find the most advanced equipment aimed for different dental and surgical procedures.
Our most advanced nitrous oxide system will ease anxiety and lead to a much pleasant and comfortable treatment.    
A wide D.V.D movie selection is offered to entertain your time during the visit.
Advanced digital x-ray system reduces patient's radiation exposure and also benefits the environment.
The materials used for your treatments are carefully chosen by Dr. Bar, and only the best known leading state of the art materials are selected.
The same rule applies while selecting our dental laboratories, and they are carefully chosen by their large experience and high level of craftsmanship.
You will find a very  affordable price level  comparing  the U.S or Western Europe, and so many patients from Europe and the U.S. enjoy our services.
Will be happy to serve you,
Dr. Yuval Bar & Dr .Marta Bar.
Contact: 55 Katsenelson street.
 1st floor.
Tel: 03-6739646
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